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by @HealthierNWL
  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 5 hours ago

    Get Boosted now #COVID19 can be serious and lead to #LongCovid, which can impact your quality of life. Keeping up-to-date with your #vaccination is the best way to reduce your risk of getting seriously ill from the virus. Book your appointment at:

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 9 hours ago

    #111 online or on the phone can quickly direct you to the right service for your medical needs. Medical professionals are on hand 24/7 to provide advice, call you back, direct you to the right service or book an appointment for you.

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 10 hours ago

    Today over 105,000 people live with #HIV in the UK. #WorldAIDSDay is an opportunity to raise awareness and continue to fight the stigma still experienced by people living with HIV so that it is not a barrier to #health or #equality.

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 1 day ago

    If you're pregnant and looking for advice about having the #flu and #Covid19 #vaccine - we want to help. Join our clinical team for a pregnancy focused session on winter vaccinations - this evening (30 November) - 6:00 - 7.30pm…

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 1 day ago

    People who have never smoked can also get lung cancer.    Don’t ignore symptoms such as persistent cough or breathlessness. Contact your GP practice.   #ClearOnCancer

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