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Transforming health and social care

The NHS, social care and public health in North West London are working together to plan how we will transform health and social care services to meet the changing needs of local people.

The North West London Integrated Care System has been set up by local health and care leaders. We are focused on how best to encourage and support better health and well-being, and provide improved and sustainable health and care services, for the population of North West London.

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by @HealthierNWL
  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 16 hours ago

    Going out? Remember to check in. Checking in with the NHS COVID-19 app helps stop the spread. More here:

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 1 day ago

    North West London CCG is updating its privacy policy, which covers how we handle patient information. Find out more. We would welcome any comments by Monday, 04 October 2021. Please send to

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 1 day ago

    Finding this year difficult? We’re here for you. Reach out for free talking therapy in North West London If you are feeling low, anxious, stressed, depressed or finding it difficult to cope then our teams are here to help. Find out more information here:

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 1 day ago

    Parsons Green Walk-in Centre and St Charles Urgent Care Centre have both re-opened as a pre-bookable clinic Find out more here: @CLCHNHSTrust

  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL 2 days ago

    Open windows to let fresh air in to help disperse COVID-19 particles when meeting others indoors.  For more information visit:

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