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NHS North West London Board is responsible for NHS planning and making decisions about which health services to provide to local people. The Board is accountable to NHS England. Find out more about our Board members.

Due to social distancing measures still being in place, meetings are currently being held virtually and a recording of discussions will be placed on this website shortly after the meeting closes. You are very welcome to attend the meetings which will be held using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams).  

The NHS North West London Board meeting is not a public meeting, but a meeting in public. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe the meeting.

We recognise that some members of the public will want to ask questions at this meeting and we would like to continue to accommodate this. We will publish papers for the meeting one week in advance and would ask that all questions are submitted 48 hours ahead of the meeting.  To submit a question please email

We would ask that questions are focused on substantive items on the agenda for discussion. If questions relate to matters not on the agenda, they can be raised by contacting the Chief Executive via the NHS North West London communications team by emailing

We will allow time at the end of the meeting to take as many pre-submitted questions as time allows. All questions received will be published and answered on our website.

We will get through as many of the questions as we can, while recognising that we are unlikely to have time to answer all of the questions. For clarity, questions will be shared on screen where a screen is in use. We would ask that questions are kept short and to the point where possible, as we do not propose to summarise questions.

We note that there are local campaign groups who ask questions on a regular basis: we are proposing that we meet quarterly  with these groups so that they can raise issues of concern directly with us.  Members of the public are also free to submit questions to NHS North West London in writing at any time.

All questions asked and answers will be included in the minutes of the meeting and published on this website.




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01 July 2022


The meeting was not recorded View the papers
19 July 2022 1pm-3.30pm   View the papers


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