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Our Vision For The Partnership

Hammersmith & Fulham Health and Care Partnership is a collective of health, care and wellbeing organisations and resident representatives dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of residents. We will do this by working with and for our different communities in Hammersmith and Fulham, making the changes that matter most, by placing the resident at the centre of care and tackling health and wellbeing inequalities that exist across the borough.

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And we will work to a set of key principles:

  1. Build a deep, person-centred understanding of the health and care needs and work together to improve the experience and outcomes of services for all.

  2. We will work with our residents and communities to make the changes that matter the most to them.

  3. We will role model collaborative leadership and act with openness and transparency in all our work together.​

  4. We will use our collective knowledge and expertise to solve system problems in partnership.​

  5. We will continually learn from and improve our ways of working through quality improvement approaches that benefit our population. ​

  6. We will take a strengths-based, population health approach to maximise health and wellbeing, support the most vulnerable and promote independence. ​

  7. We work to achieve the best possible value and outcomes for our population through good stewardship of our collective resources.

What Will This Mean In Practice?

Co-production is at the heart of everything

We will work with our residents and communities from the very start, to understand what matters to them, to re-design services in a way that works for them, and to work with them to make those changes.

Patient centered care which tackles inequalities

By coming together as a health and care partnership, we can take a holistic approach to people’s care and ensure that we are thinking about all their needs (and the needs of their carers and families). This also means tackling inequalities becomes a golden thread through everything we do, and we must consider the wider determinants of health to do that.

Joined-up care pathways for our patients

Residents who need support will not feel like they are being handed between teams, and where they do need support from different teams, the handover works well.

No wrong front door

We will not expect residents to navigate the complex system but will ensure that they are guided to the right place to receive the right care.

Shared responsibility

We will take collective responsibility for providing quality care and support for our residents, ensuring that they are safe and well, and ensuring our staff who provide this care are also safe and well.

Working with and for our residents

We will work collaboratively with our residents and communities to improve the health and care system and we will ensure that residents are supported to manage their own health and care needs.

Becoming a more intelligent system

We will use data to support the delivery of the right care, in the right place and at the right time. To do this we must use data as part of operational improvement as well as more strategically. 

Getting the best out of our shared resources

We will allocate resources not based on organisations and contracts but based on where it will have the most impact. We will also work together to maximise the impact of our future resources (e.g. innovative workforce models). To do this we will need to prioritise and tackle the issues that matter the most, not try and tackle all the challenges at once.


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The Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Executive Group (PCEG) is established as a group of the NHS North West London Integrated Care Board (NWLICB).

In keeping with the commitment to maintain and enhance primary care locally, as much business as possible will be transacted at NHS NWL Borough level.

PCEG’s role is to oversee the development of primary care at a place based level, ensuring that NW London and national requirements are delivered and assurance provided through both the place based governance arrangements (where a decision impacts only the local geography) and the NW London Local Care governance arrangements (where more than one geography is impacted). 

Find out more about the Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Executive Group (PCEG) and how to join our meetings in public.

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Dr Chad Hockey

Hammersmith & Fulham Partnership (HFP)

Dr Ben Loud


Dr Paul Skinner


Dr Emily Weston-Price

Babylon GP at Hand

Dr Matt Noble


Programme Manager

Helen Lipinski

Email: helen.lipinski@nhs.net

Programme Support Manager

Val Chaggar

Email: valdev.chaggar@nhs.net

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