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Our approach to working with residents and communities

This paper sets out an approach to public involvement which has been co-designed with local residents, Healthwatch and local communities over the last three years. Many of the activities set out in the paper are already underway.

Various iterations of this work have been discussed at scrutiny committees, with Trust governors, Healthwatch and community meetings. It is endorsed by NHS England as aligned to their upcoming guidance on how ICBs should work with residents and communities.

This represents a new approach to working with the public and using insights from public involvement to develop our strategies at both NW London and borough level.  Part of the approach were successfully trialled through ‘vaccine equity workshops’ during 2021.

The approach, based on extensive feedback from local residents and communities, is summarised on slide 8:

  • Collaborative spaces’ in each borough/ICP: open community conversations where health and care professionals come together with the public and stakeholders to discuss healthcare issues – same approach as ‘vaccine equity huddles’. NW London wide collaborative spaces on specific programmes. Suggested frequency: quarterly.
  • Collaborative spaces are open: more focus on discussion than papers, focus on co-design of solutions and agendas agreed jointly – and feed in to ICS/ICP decision making
  • Supported by outreach with all our communities including targeted involvement of groups we have not successfully involved in the past, based on health and insight data
  • Lay partners to sit on key clinical ICS and ICP programmes/workstreams as appropriate
  • Assured via the Involvement Charter
  • Our 3,800-strong Citizens’ Panel is available to support surveys and focus group research
  • Development of an integrated approach across NHS and local government.

If you want to get involved, please do not hesitate to get in touch via

We are committed to co-production and working with local residents to develop and improve health and care services in North West London.

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