Expressions of interest for community funding

Below you can find briefs for expressions of interest for community funding.

What are we doing – The NW London approach

This winter, the NHS in NW London is looking to support local residents with decisions about their health and the services they use, by providing information and redirecting people at the point of need.

We are focussing on three key areas:

  1. Vaccinations (flu and Covid boosters)
  2. Where to go (GP, 111 online, 111, Pharmacy, UTC, A&E)
  3. Self-care (general winter messages stay warm, active, connected) 

A significant amount of communications activity is underway or in development including:

  • Public information leaflets and posters, in a range of languages
  • GP and community videos and translations
  • Community radio
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Aggie the Alien campaign to schools
  • Parents winter guide
  • Communications pack for practice managers: Website messages, answer phone message, text messages.
  • Carers guide
  • Community webinar
  • Whatsapp messages – videos MP4s (animation)
  • Social media (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Nextdoor, Citizen’s panel)
  • Google adverts
  • Dedicated website page
  • Advertisement in council publications

What we are looking to fund – how you can help

We want to reach as many people as possible in NW London.  We know that using word of mouth and trusted community organisations are powerful and effective means of informing and building understanding.

With our funding we are looking to commission a small number of groups/organisations in each borough to help us with our outreach work.  We are ideally looking to provide £1-2,000 per organisation but will consider bids up to £5000 if you are covering multiple areas or groups.

Who do we want to reach - Audiences and demographics

Whilst we want to reach as many people as possible, we know there are groups and areas where we need a greater focus.  These include:

  • Areas of high deprivation where there are often poorer health outcomes
  • Pregnant women (especially for vaccination messages)
  • Ethnicities who would consider themselves seldom heard
  • Those who are new to NW London and/or the UK
  • Homeless
  • Asylum seekers
  • People not registered with a GP

How we will support you - Training and resources

If you are successful in your funding bid then we will invite you to a webinar where we will talk through our key messages and share our existing resources with you. 

We anticipate being able to provided printed materials, in different languages, so this does not need to be factored into your funding plan.

You will also be provided with a point of contact for any queries that arise during the project.

How will be measure success – reporting and evaluation

You will be expected to evidence the activity you have undertaken and provide a report outlining how many people you’ve reached, demographic information and verbatim feedback you’ve heard during your outreach work.

Templates will be provided and we will keep this as simple as possible to ensure that the majority of your time is focussed on outreach and delivery.

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