Harrow community outpatient services

The NHS is asking patients for feedback on community outpatient services in Harrow through this survey

Do you use an NHS community outpatient service in Harrow?
For example, do you or a member of your family visit an NHS service in Harrow for:

- headache
- bowel or stomach problems
- hearing, ear or nose problems
- or a children’s clinic?

These outpatient clinics are mainly held in local GP practices in Harrow, but some appointments are also provided at Northwick Park Hospital.

The NHS in NW London is reviewing these services and we would like to hear your views on the current service you use. Any feedback you can provide us about these services will help the NHS to improve access and equity of services for all patients.

If you are a service user - please spare five minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

There are several surveys currently being shared by NHS NW London as a series of services are asking for feedback and being reviewed ahead of new services being procured.

This survey will be open until 25 Feb 2023.

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