Harrow Integrated Care Partnership

Harrow Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) brings together our NHS organisations, Harrow Council, our GPs, local Voluntary & Community Sector and our citizens.  We strive to support each other and our communities as equal partners focussing on better health and wellbeing for all.

What is the Harrow Borough Partnership?

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We will work together positively and in good faith in accordance with the Alliance Principles to achieve the objectives of the Harrow ICP.  Participants in the Harrow ICP are forming an alliance in order to

  • Ensure integration in the design, planning and delivery of services:  Across all areas of health and wellbeing, being able to come together to produce real change, from jointly designing new services to delivering shared outcomes for local people, co-produced with them.
  • Have robust leadership, finance & governance: Clear, shared, strategic leadership with well-understood roles and responsibilities.  This will be supported by shared financial understanding and pooling resources around the needs of our communities wherever possible and practical.  Our Governance will be robust, flexible and purposeful, where decision-making is transparent and respected, and actions are taken forward with Harrow-wide support.
  • Commit to a set of shared culture & behaviours: A shared vision and values for how we can improve people’s health, wellbeing and lives in Harrow alongside a shared set of outcomes which we are all working towards – a joint view on what “good” looks like.  We will use shared language describing key concepts we need to be able to co-ordinate effectively.  We commit to recognition and spread of collaborative behaviours and skills at all levels.
  • Have appropriate organisational structures & management in place: having in place a pragmatic organisational structure that is right for the Harrow ICP at its particular stage of development, alongside a set of processes to operate effectively and enable collaboration and shared performance metrics.

Signatories to this Alliance Agreement are the organisations who are members on core Governance structures of the Harrow Integrated Care Partnership; the Harrow ICP Joint Management Board, Harrow Health and Care Executive and Harrow Health and Care Senate.  These organisations are:

Statutory providers of Health and Care Services in Harrow: Harrow Council and North West London CCG (to become North West London ICS in line with Legislation) including:

  • The Community Health Service provider for Harrow
  • The Mental Health Service provider for Harrow
  • The Primary Care Networks of Harrow
  • The main Acute Service provider for Harrow
  • The nominated organisation for the Voluntary and Community Sector for Harrow
  • The GP Federation for Harrow
  • The local hospice

Read our Alliance Agreement here.

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