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Medicine management is a term which encompasses all aspects of the supply, use and disposal of medicines. Expert medicines management pharmacists work to reduce medicine-related harm and we help GPs to maintain or improve the quality of medicine use. Effective medicines management can achieve improvements in health outcomes through:

  • Promoting safe, evidence based and cost effective use of medicines
  • Supporting practitioners and patients to make best use of medicines
  • Reducing medication related harm
  • Make the best of available resources
  • Develop local care home medicine management optimisation pathway
  • Develop local integrated formulary

The NHS NW London has published information for over the counter medicines. Following national guidance from NHS England, we’re asking GPs not to prescribe these medicines; including for conditions such as coughs, colds, headaches, mouth ulcers, travel sickness and mild toothache. Full details available here. 

Specific prescribing guidelines are available:

  • Emollients
  • Flash Glucose Monitoring
  • Inhalers
  • Insulins and GLP-1 agonists
  • Low Molecular Weight Heparins
  • Oral nutritional guidance
  • Vitamin D
  • Wound care formulary

See a link to our NW London antimicrobial guidelines for GP Practices.

General enquiries can be made at

The NHS NW London Care Home Pharmacy Group has produced a suite of good practice guidance for use by care homes (nursing & residential) and health & social care providers to support them in the safe effective use of medicines. The guidance is based on national standards, legislation and guidance.

See here for more information.

A formulary is a locally developed document which lists the medicines that are deemed suitable for prescribing with the local NHS. It may also include some other products which can be provided on prescription such as dressings. The formulary covers:

  • prescriptions written in primary care
  • prescriptions or recommendations by hospital doctors of outpatients or patients leaving hospital after an admission

In these situations, prescribers are asked to take the medicine list fully into account when deciding how to treat patients.

The integrated formulary documents can be found here.

NHS NW London has a list of commissioned medicines excluded from the national tariff.

Please click here for the NHS NW London latest PbR Excluded Drugs List.

Please note that NHS NW London will no longer be accepting notification via paper tick box forms. All submissions must be made via the Blueteq HiCost portal.

Please use the following link:

For high cost drug queries, contact the NHS NW London’s Medicines Management Team -

For medicines and/or indications that are not routinely commissioned, these require an individual funding request. Forms can be found here.

Thumbnail Title Date Posted
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_3_storage_of_refrigerated_medicines.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_2_repeat_medication_ordering_using_emis_access.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_4_covert_administration.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_5_homely_remedies.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_6_medication_for_social_leave.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_7_suppporting_self-medication.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_8_management_of_controlled_drugs.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_pharmacy_newsletter_september_2019.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon NWL_Guidance_for_Primary_Care_Last_Phase_of_Life_End_of_Life_Anticipatory_Medicines_2022_v4_1.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon checklist-for-care-home-medicines-policy-13716829.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon Care_Home_Safety_Network_Event_slides_w_attendee_feedback_24022022.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon COVID__19_Diabetes_10_Point_Training_Adult_Social_Care.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon managing-medicines-in-care-homes-care-home-staff-administering-medicines.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nice_guidance-managing-medicines-in-care-homes_2014-pdf.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon COVID_19_Multi-compartment_compliance_aids_to_original_packs_of_medication.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon NWL_CCG_Reducing_Medication_Administration_errors_in_Care_Homes__workshop.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon nwl_ccgs_care_home_good_practice_guidance_1_repeat_prescription_ordering.pdf 23/06/2022
PDF file icon NWL_CCGs_CARE_HOME_GOOD_PRACTICE_GUIDANCE_12_Government_Supply_of_Vitamin_D_for_Care_Home_Residents_V1.docx.pdf 27/06/2022
PDF file icon NWL_CCGs_Care_Home_Pharmacy_Newsletter_January_2020.pdf 27/06/2022
PDF file icon NWL_CCGs_COVID_19_CARE_HOME_GOOD_PRACTICE_GUIDANCE_Medicine_Re-use_Scheme.pdf 27/06/2022

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