Resources for self-management of Long Covid Syndrome

This page contains useful resources for managing long covid symptoms yourself. You can find specific support under the following relevant sections:

  • General Information 
  • Mental Health
  • Fatigue
  • Physical Health 
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Return to work
General Information on long covid syndrome for patients
  • This provides health information on a variety of topics (including post covid) in different languages & formats for patients– including BSL, Easy Read and Translations
    Translations (
Mental Health
  • Set of leaflets for helping with the self-management of mental health covering;  anxiety, sleep, low mood and brain fog
  • This has lots of self help resources for mental health issues, mainly information sheets and work sheets, with some videos. It contains a long list of topics e.g. worry, stress, CBT & sleep.
  • This has lots of self help resources for mental health issues, including more detailed work books with modules you can work through. It contains a long list of topics and has a section for carers and clinicians.
  • This is a citywide movement to improve MH and wellbeing for all Londoners and reduce inequalities.  It is involved in projects focused on these aims. It has information on training and webinars related to wellbeing, information on translated resources, and links for different communities (LGBTQ+, racialised communities, young Londoners, older Londoners, those with mental health difficulties).Home - Thrive LDN : Thrive LDN
  • Some self help resources, including videos (e.g. on worries and anxiety, sleep, stress, low mood and depression, loneliness).  A general focus on wellbeing. Includes a sections on job and money worries, issues related to coronavirus specifically and caring for others. Includes a mind plan quiz which results in personalised tips and suggestions. 
    Every Mind Matters - NHS (
  • Good thinking – ‘digital mental wellbeing for London’ – sections on wellbeing within different faiths, and leaflets available in different languages. Links between wellbeing and covid-19. Signposting to different resources, apps, podcasts, videos, webinars, workbooks  

          Practical advice for people who have been treated in hospital’
          ‘Practical advice for people who have recovered at home’
          'Practical advice for people during and after having COVID-19'

Physical Health
  • Information for both patients and clinicians. It is mainly leaflets that are offered but there is podcast on covid vs non-Covid POTS
    Home - PoTS UK
  • Information on loss of smell and taste. There is mainly written information, but they also have regular webinars you can watch on their YouTube channel
    Covid-19 and Anosmia (
Nutrition & Dietetics 
Return to work / vocational rehab
  • Guidance for individuals requiring support in work for a disability or health condition (Access to Work)

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